Registered Distributor

Registered Distributor

How to become a Registered Distributor?

For companies that would like to start selling Belle Lapidi products they need to be become a Registered Distributor.

I agree to Belle Lapidi company collecting and storing my personal information.

Reasons why to become a Belle Lapidi Registered Distributor?

  1. Be able to offer something that your competitors cannot.
  2. Belle Lapidi memorials are works of art – the likes of Belle Lapidi can be seen nowhere else in the industry.
  3. You will be provided with a starter pack – which includes Brochures, a granite sample box and much more.
  4. With our support we can help you to grow your business in a way you never thought possible.
  5. Provide your customer with the highest quality in carvings and materials that the industry has ever seen.
  6. Techniques never seen before can be on display in your showroom.

Why is Belle Lapidi such a unique brand?

  1. All the memorials shown in the Belle Lapidi brochure have been registered, and have their own unique design registration number, meaning that these memorials can only be purchased from a genuine Belle Lapidi distributor.
  2. Every memorial you order will come with an Authenticity Kit for your customer.
  3. All Belle Lapidi Memorials have a Belle Lapidi badge attached to the memorial to show that it is a genuine Belle Lapidi product.